Black Chocolate Party Cake

A short and super sweet post that is a MUST read with a MUST bake recipe link!  This all boils down to chocolate and my love of it.  Dark, bittersweet, milk..I'll take it.  I particularly love chocolate in the form of rich cocoa powder - the darker, the better in my opinion.  What better way to use my fave Valrhona cocoa powder than in a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe for Black Chocolate Party Cake.

I have been a proud owner of Rose's Heavenly Cakes cookbook for quite a while now and have tested and loved many a recipe within those gorgeous bound pages.

I have eyed up her Black Chocolate Party Cake for quite a long time too but never got around to making it.  I think the fact that the batter contained walnuts that you need to first toast , remove the skins and then grind was the deterrent.  But then, as if my magic/destiny/fate, I stumbled upon an adapted recipe on Technicolor Kitchen and the rest, as they say, is history.

Patricia, foodie blogger and owner of Technicolor Kitchen, took the original recipe and just turned it into something FRIGGIN' AMAZING!  She swapped out the walnuts for almond flour (great texture, great moisture, and saves you loads of time compared to the whole walnut thing). She also added a tip for homemade sour cream which I followed as I had no sour cream handy and it worked like a charm.  Patricia also opted for demerara sugar vs turbinado which I think was a wise choice.  She just did everything right.  The truth in this lies in the finished product.  The words OH MY GOD pretty much sum it up.

So without further delay, get that bundt pan ready and head on over to her site for this incredible recipe.


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    1. Thanks, Lisa. Hope you try out the recipe. You will love it :)

  2. You are far too kind, Linda! Your cake look delicious, sinfully dark! I'm glad you liked the idea for homemade sour cream - I do that on a regular basis since we do not have sour cream here in Brazil.

    Let me just say I fell in love with your blog just by looking at its name? Give me anything lemon and I am a happy girl. :)


    1. I love your blog too, Patricia! I am hooked :) your are an incredible baker and an amazing photographer

  3. It looks absolutely divine Linda - would love to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing. Valrhona cocoa is not easily available in India :(...though I managed to pick up some when I went to Singapore. It adds such amazing flavor !

  4. Absolutely delicious, Linda! This is gonna be the rockstar of the party. Thanks for sharing!


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