Banana Vanilla Protein Shake

As we all know, maintaining healthy eating goals can be challenging. Moderation is always key but so is great taste. How many times have you opted for the "healthier" choice and been disappointed with the the taste and texture? I cannot even begin to count the times I have had that experience especially when it comes to protein drinks. Some are just nasty - loaded with a granular texture and a wicked chalky aftertaste.

I make my own protein shakes and rarely buy pre-made. I just think homemade "anything" tastes better than store bought. This recipe for a Banana Vanilla Protein Shake puts prepackaged ones to shame.

A protein shake recipe on a baking blog?  I know, I get the disconnect but you see usually I would have posted a recipe like this on my other blog: A Baker's Journey on Low Carb but it isn't low carb given the banana ingredient. 

This recipe is too good not to share and I think it warrants a spot here on Lemon Drop for that very reason. After you try it you will agree !

This shake takes no time at all to make.  It comes together in a snap in the blender. The ingredients are pretty common too.  I know that Stevia extract may not be a staple in everyone's kitchen but if you have it, use it. It adds a nice sweetness to this shake.

You can use water in this recipe but I prefer almond milk, coconut milk or 2% cow's milk. I am not a fan of soy milk but it too would work. You can also cut the banana amount in half and increase the crushed ice to retain the right consistency. Feel free to throw in some fresh strawberries too or even a tbsp of peanut butter!

There is only one other shake/smoothie recipe on Lemon Drop (so far) and you should check it out too: Blueberry Peach Smoothie.  Not as high in protein as this one but oh so good!

Now if you are ready, let's get blending!



1 cup of milk (see above)
1 ripe medium banana
1/2 cup to 1 cup crushed ice depending on how think you like your shakes
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 scoop vanilla protein powder ( I use North Coast Naturals - 100% Iso Protein)
5 drops liquid Stevia
dash of ground cinnamon
dash of ground nutmeg


BLEND everything in your blender until somewhat smooth but still has a nice frosty consistency


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  1. I'm happy that you decided to share :) I've been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet and was looking for some smoothie recipes, thanks!

  2. This sounds great and should give me back some much needed energy from this cold. I'll use almond or rice milk, instead of cow's milk, but still a perfect start to the day!

  3. This sounds super yummy! And healthy?! Score! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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