Loving Britain Giveaway Winner !

Thank you to all my followers for your participation in this giveaway.  I am excited to share with you all today the name of the winner of this great British cookbook.

Decadent Lemon Cupcakes

I have been and always will be a cupcake girl.  I love any flavor, frosted or plain, filled with ganache or just dusted with icing sugar.  It all works for me.  Is chocolate at the top of my list? Second. The top is lemon. Nothing quite beats the taste of a fresh, citrus dessert where I am concerned. I love pies, puddings, cookies and squares but most of all I love sweet cupcakes infused with the gorgeous flavors of lemon.

And this cupcake does it for me:  moist, cakey, sweet and gently scented with the zest of a lemon.  The frosting is smooth, creamy and , you guessed it,  lemony.  Pair this with a cup of tea and all your worries will melt away.  Perfection.

Loving Britain Giveaway

It is giveaway time here again on Lemon Drop.  This one is very special for me.  You see, I love, I mean LOVE Britain.  I have wonderful friends there, the countryside is to die for  and the food - oh  my, the food.  Think Eccles Cakes, Victoria Sponge, creamy and rich Custard Sauce, Bakewell Tarts, Chelsea Buns.  I am drooling as I write this.

So in honor of my love of Britain, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year and London 2012,  I am offering you, my sweet followers, a chance to win an amazing cookbook COOKING BRITAIN.

This glossy book is fantastic.  It is filled with incredible recipes from England, Scotland and Ireland. There are savory and sweet recipes peppered throughout along with some delectable food photography.   Absolutely mouth-watering.

My fave part of the book though are the tidbits of history for the featured foods.  Want to learn the origin of the Bakewell Tart?  Or how a Lardy Cake came to be? It's all right here.

The "food dictionary" at the back of the book is also heaven-sent.  Not sure what a Bramley apple or know what it is but cannot find it locally? Then head to the back of the book where you will find a description of the item as well as substitute recommendations. For us non-Brits this is essential.

Now you will need to act fast if you want to participate. This giveaway closes at 11 PM next Saturday, July 28th.   Just follow the steps outlined below for your chance to win! 

Hummingbird Bakery Frosted Brownies

This recipe yields, without a doubt in my mind, the BEST chocolate brownies I have ever eaten. The base is a rich dark chocolate that is thick, sweet and chewy.  The chocolate cream cheese frosting is just that - icing on the cake.  Smooth, creamy and rich with dark cocoa powder.  This combo is a winner!

Thank-you, Hummingbird Bakery, for another amazing recipe.  Every one I have tried so far from their gorgeous cookbook has been a huge success.  This one is no different.

Gluten-Free Baking Soda Biscuits

I will be honest - I don't have many memories from my childhood...maybe 10 at most? Don't ask. But one memory that I do have is crystal clear:  making baking soda biscuits with my mom.

I have loved those somewhat salty, flaky and fluffy biscuits my entire life.  They are perfect eaten as-is, or filled with savory or sweet goodies.  My all-time fave is an egg and ham sandwich with one of these babies as the bun!  I would eat one daily if I could.

After having gone the gluten-free route, I really missed my biscuits. Then one day I wandered on over to Elana's Pantry and found a recipe that changed my world.  Gluten-free biscuits that use almond flour as their base ingredient.  They are very easy to make and they taste great; especially when eaten still warm from the oven with a dab of butter (or dairy-free butter substitute).

Old-Fashioned Cherry Clafloutis

As always, I was thrilled to see the new edition of the Food Network Magazine arrive in the mail the other day.  It was jam-packed with goodies and an abundance of recipes that I couldn't wait to start testing out in my kitchen.  But when I stumbled upon their section featuring cherries I put all other thoughts aside and zero'd in on an amazing yet simple recipe for Old-Fashioned Cherry Clafloutis.