Meyer Lemon Meringues

This is my first time making small meringues and I am happy to say, they turned out pretty darn good. Crispy on the outside and a little bit of chew on the inside.  Nicely sweetened and brimming with citrus flavor thanks to the addition of both meyer lemon peel and juice.

You would think these cookies were extra delicate but they aren't.  They are quite sturdy and won't crumble into bits with the first bite. Sandwiched together with some lemon curd would be wonderful!

Banana Vanilla Protein Shake

As we all know, maintaining healthy eating goals can be challenging. Moderation is always key but so is great taste. How many times have you opted for the "healthier" choice and been disappointed with the the taste and texture? I cannot even begin to count the times I have had that experience especially when it comes to protein drinks. Some are just nasty - loaded with a granular texture and a wicked chalky aftertaste.

I make my own protein shakes and rarely buy pre-made. I just think homemade "anything" tastes better than store bought. This recipe for a Banana Vanilla Protein Shake puts prepackaged ones to shame.

A protein shake recipe on a baking blog?  I know, I get the disconnect but you see usually I would have posted a recipe like this on my other blog: A Baker's Journey on Low Carb but it isn't low carb given the banana ingredient. 

This recipe is too good not to share and I think it warrants a spot here on Lemon Drop for that very reason. After you try it you will agree !

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

This is my first post as a proud new member of The Secret Recipe Club.  This month I am sharing with you a recipe from The Daily Dishes Recipes site for Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You know me, I love easy to make recipes when running short on time and this one was quick and simple to prepare.  Plus anything with chocolate is a winner in my books.  This recipe gets an A+ !

Everything begins in the bowl of your stand mixer.  First you combine the dry ingredients (except cocoa) then gradually add in wet until finally mixing in the crowning glory - 1/2 cup of heavenly cocoa powder. That's it - cookie dough is done!  No sifting, no multitude of mixing bowls...nada.  Just one bowl, a few key ingredients and you are good to go.

Spelt Banana Bread

I know, I have a slew of banana bread recipes here on Lemon Drop but this one is a tad different.  Plus the recipe is accidentally well-timed as today is National Banana Bread Day!

This golden quick-bread is egg-free, dairy free and made with spelt flour.  It is sweetened with honey and has the added moisture of 3 big ole bananas, some glorious grapeseed oil and last but not least, unsweetened applesauce.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I am always searching for great gluten-free recipes and trying out my own creations too.  Granted, several are dismal failures and many gluten-free bakers will relate to this - those muffins that didn't rise, the hockey puck cookies, the sticky and gooey cakes.

The fact is that when you start messing around with xanthan or guar gum you will most likely run into issues. Some baked goods will be too pasty or too heavy.
It is truly trial and error.

I am happy to say that this recipe only took one attempt and I had SUCCESS!

Devil Food Cupcakes

Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with pink hearts, red roses, dark chocolate and LOVE!  Valentine's Day would not be the same without a sweet treat and cupcakes are a great way to celebrate the day.  These cupcakes are rich devil's food topped with a creamy, buttery frosting tinted pink for the occasion.  I piped on a rose design but swirls would look great too.

The cupcake crumb is light, fluffy and  simply of divine - nothing dense or dry about these guys. The rich frosting is the perfect topper and super simple to make:  just butter, powdered sugar, some cream,  vanilla extract and voila - an amazing frosting!  Tint it with some red or pink gel until you have the color you want.  Initially I was thinking a deep red for these but when I saw the pink color I fell in love.

Black Chocolate Party Cake

A short and super sweet post that is a MUST read with a MUST bake recipe link!  This all boils down to chocolate and my love of it.  Dark, bittersweet, milk..I'll take it.  I particularly love chocolate in the form of rich cocoa powder - the darker, the better in my opinion.  What better way to use my fave Valrhona cocoa powder than in a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe for Black Chocolate Party Cake.

I have been a proud owner of Rose's Heavenly Cakes cookbook for quite a while now and have tested and loved many a recipe within those gorgeous bound pages.

I have eyed up her Black Chocolate Party Cake for quite a long time too but never got around to making it.  I think the fact that the batter contained walnuts that you need to first toast , remove the skins and then grind was the deterrent.  But then, as if my magic/destiny/fate, I stumbled upon an adapted recipe on Technicolor Kitchen and the rest, as they say, is history.

Treacle Raisin Bran Muffins

These healthy, sweet, moist and fluffy muffins (yes a fluffy bran muffin does exist!)  are a perfect way to start the day. Filled with plump raisins, rich dark treacle and coconut sugar they are not overly sweet and are in fact, good for you. A combo blend of unbleached white flour and whole wheat flour boost nutrients.

The moisture comes from eggs, unsalted butter and creamy plain yogurt. The resulting muffin texture is divine; not coarse or crumbly as what one might expect from a bran muffin made without added oil. Rather than adding unnecessary extra fats the trick is to grind 1/2 of the bran cereal before adding it to the batter. This provides such incredible lightness in the finished product.

Mint-Filled Brownie Cupcakes

Nearly everyone I know, young and old, loves brownies. Dense, rich and fudgie are the words that come to mind when I think of sinking my teeth in a decadent chocolate brownie. Nothing beats a good brownie.

I have made plenty of brownies in my lifetime from milk chocolate to dark chocolate; ones filled with nuts, caramel, even swirled with cream cheese but I have never made peppermint ones or have I made them in the shape of a beloved cupcake.