I Am Back !!! Or Am I ?

Seriously, I don't even know where to begin. I have been absent from both of my blogs for what seems like decades; actually several months. Why? The list is long. Lots of it's the typical stuff: work, home life, health.... So let's start in that very order:

A threat of possible layoffs (which thankfully didn't happen to me !) and then more changes at work resulted in lots of stress, more time spent after work hours worrying about this, that and everything else.  We have all been there.

The good news is that everything work-related has now nicely settled down and I am flowing well with new tasks and a new routine.  Work remains very busy but at least it no longer keeps me up at night.

Now onto home life which took a left turn into the fast lane. My gorgeous little daughter, Charley, just 11 years old came to me last summer and said that she was ready to start her career in the modeling and acting world. I finally said yes. This was a long time coming. If I recall, she badgered me for 3 years before I eventually caved and agreed. Initially I thought it was just a fad, a fleeting thought. She has proved me wrong.

Charley, Age 11

She has an agent, been to many auditions and is a busy , busy girl. We are all very proud. And busy. Did I say busy? Being the parent of an "actor/model" is time consuming ! Managing another person's career along with my own is a lot to juggle. Safe to say, I tended to slip to the bottom on of the priority list for awhile. Now to shamelessly plug her page :) If you would like to follow my little one's career, simply "Like" her Facebook page: CHARLEY COUSINS

And now this brings me to health issues and above all else, one of the key reasons I took a break from blogging and exercise (and fell off the wagon in many ways).   The fact is I have been ill. Not death bed ill or anything like that but my old friend Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) decided to pay a long visit.  When I thought it was packing its bags and moving on it would surprise me by coming back a day or two later and staying for another painful, extended period of time.  It has caused pretty nasty swelling and pain in my feet, hands and left shoulder.  It has made most daily tasks a challenge and I have consumed beyond my fair share of Advil. 

I think there is a misconception about Rheumatoid Arthritis in that it simply means joint swelling, pain and potential deformity.  There is an entire list of other symptoms one can experience and in the last six months I think I have experienced nearly all of them, such as:

  • fatigue
  • depression
  • headaches
  • sleep disturbances
  • whole body stiffness
  • muscle pain
  • nausea
  • stomach upset
Exercising (though highly recommended of course to help with RA) only
exacerbated the flares and would leave me incredibly sore and beyond
fatigued.  Not just tired but that feeling of being run over by a truck tired.  And with all this came the emotional side of things - the "Idon't give a shit what I eat" side.  The side that just wants comfort ,peace and quiet...and cheese, croissants, pizza and hot chocolate.

It hasn't been a fun ride.   This post wasn't meant to be an education on RA but rather just me sharing what my challenges have been lately.   I am only now starting to see the light, to refocus on self-care and to take time to heal.

Oh and on top of this, we are selling our home.    Crazy right ?!

I am hoping this roller coaster ride is now pulling into the departure gates and I can get off, and stay off of it for a good long while.  But one never knows.  For now  I am back - not sure for how long or how often - but I am back to this blog and hope to have new posts and yummy recipes for you soon!

Thanks to all my readers !   And HAPPY MAY !


  1. Glad to see you back!!

  2. Wow, I believe Charlie will make it to top at a very young age. She has the looks, the projection and the right attitude. I really wish her luck and all the success. Anyway, how’s the arthritis going? According to some, avoid eating beans and pork. It triggers the pain. So long!

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