Nothing as sweet (or sour) as a lemon

Given the title of my blog, I thought it only fair to kick it off with a lemon recipe.

Yesterday I made, by far, the most delicious dessert ever. My family rated it their top 10 as did I. And no, it doesn't fall into the "healthy food" category. Oh well, so be it.

Because I don't want to get slapped with a copyright lawsuit, I am simply going to post the link here and I encourage you all to try it. Don't be intimidated by a "water bath" either. It simply involves placing your ramekins in a roast pan then filling the pan with hot water until the water is midway up the sides of the ramekins.

This recipe turned out perfectly. The sponge cake was moist and light. The surprise of pudding underneath was tangy, sweet and divine !!!! Top it with sweetened whipped cream for a true taste of heaven.

If you love lemons, try this recipe. You will NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT, be disappointed.

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