PW's Raspberry Cobbler

I made an incredibly easy and tasty raspberry cobbler this evening. The entire family devoured it ! Thanks goes to The Pioneer Woman for a lovely recipe from her cookbook "The Pioneer Woman Cooks". I purchased this book yesterday and couldn't wait to get started !

This recipe can be found on her website and I will simply direct you to her link versus re-posting.

I do have some pictures to share of my cobbler baking experience though and I do hope you enjoy them. If they inspire you to cook this gorgeous dessert then all is truly well in the world.


A simple blend of butter, self-rising flour, milk and sugar creates the base.
Then feel free to choose your fruit - I opted for raspberries.

It emerged from the oven golden, crispy-edged and glittering with sugar

And it didn't last long. I served it with vanilla ice cream.
Whipped cream on this would be great too! As you can see, we dug in !

Don't wait another moment: The Pioneer Woman's Cobbler recipe

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  1. This is my daughter, Holly's absolute winning favourite. It's on the menu every week now!


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