Chocolate Madeleines

If you know me at all you would know that generally I like easy- to -prep recipes. Being a busy mom of 3 and holding down a full-time career does not always support hours in the kitchen. But in addition to easy-to-prepare, I also look for recipes that call for top notch ingredients and have a flair about them. Madeleines have quite the flair. Make them into chocolate ones and boom - fireworks.

Usually madeleines are time consuming little baked cakes to make but then I found a recipe that stood out as being the opposite to the norm. No pan prep-time (some require the pan to be placed in the freezer before filling), no lengthy batter wait-time....just mix it up and go. I figured why not try it out and see if they are , at best, edible. Well yes, they were edible. In fact, they were quite lovely. Eat them plain, sprinkled with powdered sugar, or better yet, dunk the tips in rich chocolate ganache.

I recently purchased my first madeleine pan and was eager to test it out. In doing so I learned a few valuable lessons. 1. Avoid greasing the molds with cooking spray. It scorches at high heat and in turn, burns the edges of the madeleines. I ruined my first batch this way. With the second batch, I didn't grease the molds at all. My pan has a lovely stick-free surface and I hoped it would remain that way through the baking process. It did. No greasing necessary and no burnt edges! 2. Be careful with the oven temperature and baking time. I ended up reducing the oven temperature and baking for less time. I ended up with perfectly baked madeleines. 3. Let the batter for this recipe sit for about 5 minutes. It allows the baking powder to take effect and the batter thickens somewhat. As a result, they rise more uniform in size and shape during the baking process.

So take heed, my fellow bakers, to those little tips and let's get the party started shall we?

*adapted source recipe: Chocolate Madeleines, Something Sweet, Food Lovers


100 grams unsalted butter
100 grams good quality dark chocolate (I used Lindt)
2 eggs
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder


PREHEAT oven to 210C
HAVE madeleine pan ready - this makes approx. 16 regular sized madeleines

IN DOUBLE BOILER, melt chocolate and butter until both are fully melted. Stir together to combine thoroughly and remove from heat
IN BOWL OF STAND MIXER, fitted with paddle attachment, whisk eggs and sugar on high speed for 3 minutes
GENTLY stir in flour and baking soda
ADD melted chocolate/butter and fold together until well combined
SET ASIDE for 5 minutes
FILL madeleine molds 3/4 full with batter. Do no smooth out
BAKE for 5 minutes
REDUCE temperature to 180C and bake for another 7 minutes
REMOVE from oven, let sit in molds for 2-3 minutes then remove madeleines and place on cooling rack.

If you want, make a quick ganache or just dip ends in melted chocolate.

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  1. Yes, please. I'll take a batch... no, make it two! Delish.

    If your non-stick pan starts to be not so non-stick in the future, try brushing your pan with clarified butter. It won't burn.

    PS - Excellent opening photo!

  2. thanks, ButterYum! Great tip :)

  3. Chocolate always makes the day matter what: )

  4. Beautiful madelines...the chocolate dipping was a great idea.

  5. These look beautiful and delicious! I haven't taken the plunge and purchased a Madeleine pan... but with a recipe like this, I think I might! Thanks for sharing this one.

  6. These look so yummy! I have never had chocolate Madeleines before. I need to get on this! I am a new follower from Ladybird Ln. Vicky from Mess For Less

  7. Beautiful Madeleines! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  8. I've been wanting a madeleine pan, too. I'm glad I read your tips. I know I would have sprayed the pan down and burned mine. Yours look great! I'd like to invite you to share on Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  9. I've never had chocolate madeleines before, but I love the regular ones!

  10. I just baked these.. They were delicious, but didn't quite rise right? In fact, they turned out flat with a brownie-like crackled top.. And I've baked a lot of successful madeleines before, so what's up with that? ):


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