Flavours of Prince Edward Island

Yesterday my hubby brought this cookbook home for me and I am thrilled ! This book, for lack of a better word, is BEAUTIFUL. Let's first start by saying I adore Prince Edward Island. Always have and always will. In fact, my long term goal (or maybe even short term if I play my cards right!) is to relocate there permanently. The island is a dream; filled with green rolling hills, bordered by gorgeous red dunes that meet the sea. And the people? The nicest I have ever met!

Now back to the cookbook.

Flavours of Prince Edward Island - a culinary journey
~ Jeff McCourt, Allan Williams & Austin Clement

The photos alone reeled me in immediately and then I saw the recipes. Wow ! There is just so much here aching to be tested out in my kitchen (and digested by my tummy) . I cannot wait to get started. As my blog is baking specific, I won't be sharing my results of the gorgeous pot roast recipe that greets you early on in this book but you can bet your bottom dollar my family will be enjoying it for Sunday dinner !

There are several sweet desserts in this book such as Warm Blueberry Brown Butter Cakes
(which makes me want to lick the page) and a Cranberry and Coconut Tart that leaves one daydreaming of eating a slice with a dollop of whipped cream.

After much thought, I decided to start off with a chocolate cake. Boring choice? I think NOT! This one has a special Island ingredient- one of PEI's most famous in fact and no, it has nothing to do with Anne of Green Gables!.

Later this week, I will be sharing with you tales of my baking adventure and a review when I make Chocolate Potato Cake with Red Raspberry Puddles, page 195.

The book describes it as follows: "... the potatoes made the cake super-moist and really dense." "This cake is delicious with raspberry sauce" which the authors refer to as raspberry mud puddles. Personally, the photo speaks for itself. It looks delicious. I can barely wait to sink my teeth into a slice of this !

So to summarize, so far, I love this book and without a doubt, I love PEI. Add baking and PEI together and you have my version of heaven.

My other great love that tops my list: My family = my two beautiful girls, my handsome boy and of course, my dear sweet man. But truth be told, I think I love my man a little bit more now because he bought me this book :)

STAY TUNED for the Potato Chocolate Cake Recipe Review

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  1. I can hardly wait for this recipe. Ever since my daughter was little and we watched the Avonlea series and Anne of Green Gables movies, I've wanted to visit PEI. This cake sounds delicious.


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