Easter's On It's Way !

Easter is fast approaching and I am very excited about the baking possibilities that lie ahead. Festive cupcakes are definitely on the menu and I am going to be trying some new piping techniques! Expect these lovelies to be colorful and kid friendly. The recipe will be posted well in advance of this special holiday to ensure you all have plenty of time to test it out yourselves.

I also love to make carrot cake during the holidays. Easter bunnies LOVE carrots :) Be sure to try out the Carrot Cake recipe referenced here on Lemon Drop. You will fall in love with this sweet, moist cake topped with a thick and rich cream cheese frosting. For me, the icing is as important as the cake where a carrot cake is concerned and this recipe never fails to impress!

If you haven't played with candy melts yet then why not try your hand at them now? The idea of chocolate candy cups filled with chocolate mousse sounds ideal. Finish them off with tinted coconut (green for grass of course) and chocolate Easter eggs for a fun and sweet treat. Hmmm, I may just have to make these myself now too!

And of course, Good Friday and Hot Cross Buns go hand in hand. I am still on the hunt for a good recipe. I made some last year and they had the texture of hockey pucks. Perhaps I over-kneaded the dough; not sure what went wrong. In the end they had a nasty meeting with Mr. Trash Can.
But I will not give up ! I will continue on with my search and hopefully you will see the results here on Lemon Drop if all goes well this time around.

What special Easter recipes do you enjoy with your family -
be it savory or sweet?
Feel free to share your comments below.


  1. Most Easters we have ham with asparagus. Its just reminds me of spring so much. For dessert its always fruit inspired or vegetable in the case of the Carrot Cake. Although at every table in the house we have peeps, robin eggs, and See's Candy jelly eggs.

  2. ah yes, a honey glazed amazing is amazing ! and I could eat asparagus day in and day out :)

  3. hmmmm, talking about Easter is making me hungry! We haven't changed our menu much in the years that trickle by, but I have changed something for AFTER the holiday. My husband does not like hard boiled eggs, and we always have a ton left over so I got creative. (somewhat creative, although I'm sure others have done this already!) I mix the hardboiled eggs and diced left over ham together with light miracle whip (sometimes mustard as well) and pickles and it becomes a sandwhich spread that he devours! I know, maybe not too original but there you have it!

  4. I just finished two Easter cupcake paintings and I hope to bake some as well!

  5. I so love carrot cake! Thank you for sharing the recipe.


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